Saturday, January 3, 2009

Godspeed Jett

As many of you may have already heard, one of our aviator friends lost his son to a tragic accident yesterday. John Travolta was vacationing at his Bahamas home at Old Bahama Bay (OBB), in West End Grand Bahama Island with his family. Apparently Jett must have fallen after suffering a seizure and the resulting fall was fatal. OBB is where I flew with Ginn Aviation, and the Travolta's were very warm friends of the Development there. I can't even begin to immagine the pain and suffering that must be with the Travolta family right now. I know where John stands with his religion, but my prayer today is that may God find His way into that family's hearts and comfort them. "Jett, I never knew you, but Godspeed young man!"

747 Gets Struck by Lightning

Hey folks, this is the wildest lightning strike I have seen so far, and someone actually got it on film! I have heard of lightning hitting aircraft and doing some funky things, but I personally have stayed away from the Zap and as far from it as I can. One of our planes at AUTEC was struck and the mess that it made was fairly substantial. Lessons learned from that one, stay at least 20 miles away from the storm. If anyone out there has any other vids that are pretty cool, please email them to me. Check this one out:

lightning strike