Monday, June 11, 2012

Harmon Rocket Fuel Tanks Being Completed; RV4 Wing Commencing

I am working on 2 projects at the same time, my Harmon Rocket 2 and my son's RV4. The two 27 gallon fuel tanks on my Harmon Rocket are ready to be sealed. Nothing special here, as I plan on staying in the positive G range in my old age. The next thing to do with my son's RV4 is to start the wing spars. I am looking forward to this because attaching the wing ribs are not too difficult, and we should have something that resembles wings relatively shortly. I am trying to figure out if I need to do anything different with the -4 wings or just keep them stock. My thoughts at this point is to just keep them stock. The only thing that I keep thinking about is that the tanks are just too small, so I may make them a bit larger. Not sure at this point, though.

One thing is for sure, I want to use a jet pitot tube on both aircraft. I just like the way they look. No other reason. The difference in weight is so minimal, there really isn't a reason not to do it. Its just a matter of finding one at this point.

I will be posting some more pics of the builds soon, so please visit me often for the latest and greatest.

Also, I plan on making some pretty cool aviation t-shirts in the very near future. I will be offering sizes large and X-large. I will post a pic of them as soon as the drawing is completed. Stay tuned!!

-- Buzz - RV Nation