Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hidden Paradise Found

My wife and I decided to look for some airpark property where we could someday build a home and live within close proximity of our airplane. I owned a Turbo Arrow at the time, so we loaded it all up and decided to go airpark hunting.

Our travels took us all over north Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We visited many airparks including Massey Air Ranch, Cannon Creek, Aero Acres, Treasure Coast Airpark, Love Landing Airpark, Mount Royal Airpark, Lyons Landing, Chandelle Airpark, Lake Norman Airpark, Gold Hill Airpark, Miller Airpark, Hensley Airpark, and Deerfield Resort. Whew!! That was alot of flying and looking around. Most of the airparks that we visited were very nice, but just not what we were looking for.

Well, what were we looking for? We wanted an airpark that was very pretty, laid out well, and with good size properties. We were not interested in airparks that allowed trailers or mobile homes. We wanted a runway that was at least 3000 feet long, grass or paved, it did not matter. Lisa wanted to see big beautiful trees, not just an airpark cut into a cow pasture. I wanted to see some airport activity, people there. We were looking for the cost to not be astronomical. The home owners association fees needed to be fair and the association itself was not comprised of the senior citizens on patrol, if you know what I mean.

After, flying for 2 full days, we came across Deerfield Resort (TN44) , located 35 miles north of Knoxville, TN. This place was gorgeous! Did I say gorgeous, I meant GORGEOUS!! Trees everywhere, winding roads laced throughout the 1400 acre properties. Once out of the plane, we then saw even more of the splendor. The list of amenities was tremendous. There is an 18 hole golf course with club house, tennis courts, community smimming pool, kids play area, marina with a floating tiki bar where a boater can enjoy a sandwich and a drink. There are 2 restaurants inside the community as well. There are water view properties, with beautiful views of Norris Lake (one of the cleanest lakes in the country), golf view properties, and waterfront properties. The runway is 3100 feet long and can handle even jet traffic. This place was magnificent!

Lisa and I purchased 5 properties while we were there (we couldn't make up our minds). We have now decided to keep one of the properties and sell the remaining 4. All of our properties are water view with gorgeous views of Norris Lake. The prices for these properties will even more baffle your mind. Any other airpark that we went to that had even an inkling of what Deerfield has, had very hefty price tags on the properties. Our lots are priced at $55k each. Sounds really is!! Here are some pics of the properties.

If you are interested in knowing more about these properties, please visit or feel free to email me, and I will be happy to talk to you more.

Safe flying!

Captain Buzz


  1. I'm at the age now where I consider it appropriate to start planning for retirement, and part of that planning is deciding where we want to live. I like the idea of the warm, dry southwest, but it's awfully far away from our Ohio roots. I've been looking at Tennessee. I followed the link to Deerfield and I'm intrigued. I will make a day trip down there as soon as the enforced winter hibernation is over.

    Is permission required to land there and check it out?

  2. No permission required to land. There are alot of really nice people there from Ohio. One of the nicest things about this community is the warmth of the people there. I hope that you enjoy your time there. My parents have retired there and absolutely love it.



  3. Excellent, and thanks for the quick reply. I'm always looking for places to add to the "pending trips list" and this will be a good one!