Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Not Freezing Here

Well, today I flew the King Air 350 from Concord, NC to Palm Beach, FL. The temperature in Concord this morning was a very comfortable 30 degrees F, but tomorrow, a cold front is expected to cover the area with temperatures dipping down to 5 degrees F. As I am writing this entry, it is a freezing 60 degrees outside here in Palm Beach. Whew! Rats! I am missing out on all that sub-freezing weather. But at least there are sunny skies here!

My flight was very comfortable and the weather was absolutely perfect for the entire trip. This is the kind of weather we all dream of getting. The King Air 350 is a wonderful airplane to fly. The headwinds at FL300 were around 150 kts, so we dropped down to FL210 where we gained an additional 80 kts of speed, and just over 2 hours later we were touching down in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach is my home town, so I am able to meet up with a few of my old cronies and get together with family while I am here. It is really nice to see everyone again. Sunday, I will be loading it all up again...then kick the tires and light the fires! No matter how nice the weather is down here, it will be really good to be back in God's Country again, cold and all!

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