Thursday, February 5, 2009

Van's Aircraft RV1000

Now this is an airplane...or a shopping mall. I wonder if Van's Aircraft is going to come out with this one it the RV1000.

32 wheels! -- Cost's more than my house to rotate the tires!

The World's Biggest Airplane, the Russian Antonov 225. Attached pics are of the
Russian behemoth when it came into Medford, OR, to pick up two Sikorsky fire
fighting helicopters to take overseas -- $1,000,000 to transport them

While they were loading the helicopters, the Russian pilots (two crews), went into town
to buy cigarettes by the case and Levis jeans
It is amazing something this huge can stay in the air. The Wright brothers would never
have dreamed it.


  1. I could do touch&goes inside that thing!

  2. love the shot with the people sitting under the wing.