Saturday, April 16, 2011

Carolina Flight Professionals Assists Wings of Support

Every boy’s dream is to feel the wind rushing through his hair as he pilots his aircraft

just like the old barnstormers used to do. Very few boys seem to ever get there. But for two local

Hendersonville High School students, the dream of becoming a “flyboy” has taken on a new meaning.

As first reported in Bold Life Magazine by Norm Powers (article below), the flyboys, Derek Campano and Nick Stoker,

are using their dream of becoming pilots for a really good cause. You see, both boys are working

towards attaining their pilots’ license so that they can fly a cross-country flight to raise funds for the

Wings of Support Foundation and the North Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association. “The plan to do it

for a charitable cause such as spinal cord injury came tragically to me when a cousin was severely

injured in a car crash last summer,” Derek explains in the article. “He suffered from a coma and is still

suffering, but gradually recovering from an incomplete spinal cord injury that has paralyzed his legs and

his hand movements.”

Scott Brown, President of Carolina Flight Professionals, read the article and it struck a chord with him

because he has a pilot friend who also suffers from a paralyzing spinal cord injury. “When I read the

article, all I could see was the sadness in my friend’s face knowing that his life had been tragically

changed forever”, says Brown. “I have numerous contacts to individuals and businesses in the area, and

I’m working to help these boys spread the word about their flight. I think it is a wonderful thing they are

doing to heighten awareness of a very important cause.”

Carolina Flight Professionals is a full service aircraft management company, located in Sherrills Ford

and Asheville, NC, with over 30 years of aviation business and flying experience. They specialize in

King Air aircraft and boast the lowest cost, most comprehensive aircraft management program in the


For some boys, becoming a flyboy is just a dream. But for Derek Capano and Nick Stoker, not only will

becoming flyboys be a reality, but their Wings of Support flight will forever be remembered by them

and those with spinal cord injuries across the country who their flight will benefit.

For information on how you can contribute to the Wings of Support Foundation please visit or contact Scott Brown at Carolina Flight Professionals by emailing

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